Contractual and commercial disputes can present major obstacles to the delivery of any construction project. Our Dispute Management service is focused upon supporting our clients in order to help realise their business aims and project objectives. To this end, we offer strategic procurement advice, guidance on conflict prevention and mitigation, recommendations on contractual rights and obligations, the preparation and defence of claims documentation, the resolution of disputes via Alternative Dispute Resolution or formal litigation and the provision of expert witness services.

The David Adamson Group is able to offer a truly holistic approach to Dispute Management, which addresses all stages of a project's life cycle, from conception through to completion. At the pre-contract stage, our team is able to advise upon the selection of procurement strategies, the drafting of contractual terms and conditions and the minimising of contractual and scheduling risks, in order to ensure the timely anticipation and early avoidance of potential sources of dispute.

In a post-contract context, our contract administration and commercial management expertise allows our team to advise upon the interpretation and application of contractual provisions from a uniquely tactical perspective. This allows us to ensure that our clients are acting in compliance with their contracts, and are not at risk of contractual breach, as well as to ensure that contractual provisions are utilised to create the maximum possible advantage for our clients in terms of time, cost and quality.

It is an unfortunate reality that, despite best endeavours, a project may nonetheless be beset by difficulties arising out of contractual or commercial disagreement. We are able to assist in such circumstances via advice upon the execution of the contract's dispute notification procedures, in order to fully preserve our client's rights, and the assembly of documentation in respect to both the prosecution and rebuttal of claims for extensions of time and prolongation costs. Our team is particularly skilled at adopting client-orientated approaches to the management of claims.

Our Dispute Management service is also able to offer expertise in the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, such as Mediation, Conciliation, Adjudication and Arbitration, as well as experience in the support of the legal community for actions being pursued via formal litigation. The team's expert witness proficiency is founded upon an in depth knowledge of the relevant technical, contractual, commercial and programming issues which typically attach themselves to matters of construction dispute. This acumen consequently enables the production by our team of high quality expert reports, inclusive of reasoned judgement and substantiated opinion, to assist our clients to efficiently and effectively secure a satisfactory dispute resolution outcome.