The most challenging aspect of any project is to construct on time and within budget. In order to directly meet this challenge the David Adamson Group has assembled a Senior Team of expert Planners, Schedulers, Delay Analysts and Programme Managers. Operating under secondment, within bespoke and stand-alone commissions or as a part of the David Adamson Group integrated Service Delivery Team, our Planning and Scheduling Engineers are dedicated to ensuring the successful control, management and completion of your projects.

The David Adamson Group 'Planning & Programme Management' Team compile, develop, co-ordinate, analyse and manage programme information throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, or at particular and specific development stages.  We consistently deliver successful pre-and-post contract project solutions to a diverse range of Clients through the following integrated scope of services:

  • Compilation of planning procedures & protocols
  • Composition & measurement of schedule key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Preparation of tender programmes & tender analysis
  • Preparation or analysis of planning & programme contract clauses & procedures
  • Compilation & management of planning & contractual correspondence
  • Value engineering & buildability analysis
  • Establishment of project, organizational & cost breakdown structures
  • Compilation of project phasing plans & key milestone delivery schedules
  • Master baseline programme compilation (EPCM planning & management)
  • Design, engineering, procurement, construction & commissioning planning
  • Revised schedule compilation including delay mitigation & recovery planning
  • Labour, plant, material & financial resource planning & profiling
  • Programme Earned Value Analysis & Management (EVA / EVM)
  • Facility occupation & staff migration planning
  • Project & programme 'health' reviews & due diligence
  • Compilation of extension of time programmes, correspondence, reports & applications
  • Forensic delay & disruption analysis including prolongation cost calculation

All the David Adamson Group schedule information is produced to convey key issues in a clear and informative manner, co-ordinating the various interfaces between the different strands of work that necessarily take place on any major project or development. We therefore tailor our service to meet the specific needs of each Client and, through wide ranging and informed consultation, we develop all schedule information to suit the unique characteristics of each project.

Where projects are subject to change and variation, or where projects fall into delay, our Team are expert in determining and applying practical mitigation and acceleration measures, compiling and analysing extension of time programmes and awards and calculating prolongation cost values, thereby ensuring that our Client's rights under contract are fully protected at all times.

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